Jae-hong Ahn


Artist Statement

Having grown up in Korea and Canada where the definition of division, separation and isolation has taken different shapes and substances, I often notice how these themes emerge in a strangely relaxed and harmonious manner in my work.

My earlier fascination with figuration and empty interiors with traces of human presence have evolved with a gradual emergence of these themes related to the idea of division. Currently working in Germany, [a place that is widely perceived as having conquered separation and division], my goal is to create more methods and perspectives to observe this phenomenon, which have been ever so common throughout history.

With my surrealistic oil paintings, which present a combination of theatrical dimensions and still-lifes of less than definable objects, spaces and situations, I explore human emotions within various relations with both physical and non-physical surroundings.



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Jae-hong Ahn is a Korean/Canadian visual artist currently working and living in Leipzig, Germany. While born 1979 in Pusan, S.Korea, at the age of fifteen he moved to Canada and studied fine art at the OCAD University (Toronto, ON), during which he has participated in the Florence Off-Campus Program for Italian Renaissance and cultural studies. After finishing his thesis in Florence he, while based mostly in Toronto, has worked in and out of Canada. He has been honored as a winner of the international Elizabeth Geenshields Grant three times in 1998, 2002 and 2009. His works can be found in art collections in Canada, Italy, S.Korea and Germany. In 2012, he has participated in the Leipzig International Artist Residency program (L.I.A) In Leipzig, Germany by winning the International Residency Grant from the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).



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2002 – 2003

  • Florence Off-Campus Program Florence, Italy
  • Thesis Completion, Associate of OCAD

1998 – 2002

  • Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) Toronto, ON
  •  Drawing & Painting Major




  • NordArt 2013 – Kunstwerk Carlshuette, Buedelsdorf, Germany
  •  Articsok Opening Exhibition, Articsok Gallery, Toronto, Canada


  • KUBOSHOW, Herne, Germany
  • “IDENTITY”, KH-55, Leipzig, Germany
  • Baumwollspinnerei Fruehlingsrundgang, L.I.A Leipzig, Germany
  • Baumwollspinnerei Wintersrundgang, L.I.A, Leipzig, Germany


  • ‘Best of 2010’, F.C.P Gallery
  • TOAE Award Winner Exhibition , Toronto, Canada


  • Toronto International Art Fair, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada
  • Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, Canada
  • Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
  • ‘Walnut’ Open Studio Exhibit, Toronto, Canada


  • Genesis – 1st Group Exhibition, McKay Art Centre, Markham, Canada
  • Seven Deadly Sins – Lust, Beverly Owens Project Gallery,Toronto, Canada
  • “Alluring My Senses”, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • “Aftershow”, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada


  • “Head and Shoulders”, Gallery S.P.I.N, Toronto, Canada
  • “Yearbook”, Gallery S.P.I.N, Toronto, Canada


  • “Hello Dolly!”, Gallery S.P.I.N, Toronto, Canada
  • Commentaire Social, Galerie Bertossini, Toronto, Canada
  • Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
  • “New Paintings”, Gallery Neubacher, Toronto, Canada
  • “Raw Space”, Galerie Bertossini, Toronto, Canada
  • “Another World is Possible”, Gallery Neubacher, Toronto, Canada


  • “Go West”, LOOP Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • OCAD Grad Show, OCAD, Toronto, Canada
  • Dentro dell’ imaginazione, Florence, Italy


  • Figurative Exhibition 2002, Steam Whistle, Toronto, Canada




  • L.I.A Leipzig International Art Residency Program, Germany



  • 2012    Ontario Arts Council – International Residency Grant
  • 2010    Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition – Best Figurative painting
  • 2009    Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship – 3rd grant
  • 2003    Eric Freifield Scholarship
  • 2002    Elenor Logan, the Rose of Cederdale Award
  • 2002    Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship – 2nd grant
  • 1998    Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship – 1st grant
  • 1998    Edmonton Public Schools Annual Student Excellence Winner-Fine Art
  • 1998    Edmonton Public Schools Co-curricular Art Award
  • 1998    OCAD Foundation Admission Scholarship